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The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women and the Real Gender Gap takes a hard look at how fundamental sex differences play out in the workplace.   By comparing fragile boys who later succeed, with high achieving women who opt out, Susan Pinker turns several  assumptions upside down:  that the sexes are biologically equivalent, that smarts are all it takes to succeed and that men and women have identical interests and goals.  After decades of women's educational coups  and rising through the ranks, men still outnumber women in business, physical science, law, engineering and politics.  In explaining this ratio, Pinker’s controversial stance is that discrimination plays just a bit part. If the majority of children with school and behavioral problems are boys, then why do so many overcome early obstacles, while rafts of high achieving women choose jobs that pay less or opt out at pivotal moments in their careers? 

A provocative examination of how and why learning and behavioral gaps in the nursery are reversed in the boardroom, The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women and the Real Gender Gap reveals how sex differences influence ambition and  success.  Through real men’s and women’s stories, combined with research evidence and examples from popular culture, Susan Pinker examines how weaknesses can become strengths,  and why early achievements do not automatically translate into standard career triumphs. 



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Canada: Random House, February 2008
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France: Editions Les Arènes, January 2009
French Canada: Transcontinental, January 2009
UK: Atlantic Books, April 2008
Holland: Contact, April 2008
Germany: DVA - Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, September 2008
Brazil: Grupo Editorial Record
Israel: Aryeh Nir
Japan: Hayakawa Publishing, July 2009
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International Praise for The Sexual Paradox

A New York Times “Editor’s Choice” book

“Winner of the William James Book Award, American Psychological Association, 2009.”.

“Recent and recommended” by The Globe and Mail

Chosen as one of the “Best Books” reviewed by the Evening Standard

“A ringing salvo in the sex difference wars…She has a good prescription for helping more of us be our best selves.”
Emily Bazelon, The New York Times

“Lively and well-written. . . . The main conclusion of The Sexual Paradox is important and timely: Our society must adapt to the different needs, talents and life cycles of women.” —Washington Post

“Fascinating, insightful and deeply captivating. Every thinking man and woman should read this book.” —Louann Brizendine, M.D., author of The Female Brain

“The meat of the book is original…Pinker is surely right that understanding the causes of workplace gender gaps, rather than mulishly insisting sex differences do not exist, will ultimately be better for both women and men.” —The Economist

“To me, this book comes as a relief… The book is a powerful portrayal of men, too.” —Camilla Cavendish, The Times (London)

“This book contains some uncomfortable home truths, but it is also full of optimism.”
Liz Hoggard, The Scotsman

“This isn’t a touchy-feely, ‘women are more emotional in the workplace’ kind of argument.” —National Post

“Susan Pinker is at the forefront of the attempt to establish what women really want and how they can achieve the right balance.” —Shane Watson, The London Times

“Intelligent, thoughtful and profoundly important. Pinker’s book should mark a watershed.” —The Daily Mail

“This is a fascinating and complex book.” —The New Statesman.

"At last common sense… This highly readable book on a familiar theme succeeds where other do not, with its potent combination of scientific research, interviews and astute observation. It is a large contribution to an important debate." —The Financial Times

“Illuminating…an amusing mix of anecdotes and science.” —The New York Post

“The book sparkles when Pinker uses personal interviews to explore how her former patients have fared as adults and how their lives illustrate gender differences.” —Vernal Noel Jones, Rocky Mountain News

"It’s brilliant. Taking a deep, calm breath Pinker moves the gender debate to a completely new level.” —Barbara Leitner, Deutschlandradio Kultur:

"The Sexual Paradox shakes the feminist movement to the core." —Der Spiegel

"Pinker’s book is interesting, cleverly structured, and enriched with catchy examples. It dominates the debate about gender differences and is the most rewarding reading there is about this subject at present. " —Märkische Allgemeine

"The freedom of women is still worth discussing, as too many outsiders still think they know what is best for them. Susan Pinker’s 'The Sexual Paradox' is a plea to allow women to make their own choices." —Cora Stephan, Deutschlandradio Kultur:

‘The Sexual Paradox simply is a very good read. Written in an easy, conversational style, it offers a scientifically well-founded panorama that alternates between case-studies and evidence, and the facts can be shocking.
Carien Overdijk, De Volkskrant

As a psychologist and journalist she has mastered both disciplines, presenting a beautiful combination of interesting stories and the current state of affairs in scientific research.
Christien Brinkgreve, in Vrij Nederland

“Pinker’s meticulous and exhaustive statistical and academic research is enlivened by personal case histories and pop culture references that travel from the boardroom to the bedroom. Presented with flair, sensitivity, and determination, Pinker’s penetrating conclusions shed important new light on how gender differences affect every strata of contemporary existence.” —Booklist

“Defying taboos, Pinker, a psychologist and columnist for the Globe and Mail, presents a compelling case for a biological explanation of why men and women make different career choices.” —Publishers Weekly

A valuable demonstration of how discounting biology during the
last 40 years has done a disservice, especially to men. —Kirkus

“Susan Pinker’s The Sexual Paradox is meticulously researched, brilliantly argued and thoroughly persuasive. It moves the debate over sex differences to a new level of sophistication.” —Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War against Boys

“The Sexual Paradox is a page turner—a fascinating account of sex differences.” —Sandra F. Witelson, PhD., Albert Einstein/Irving Zucker Chair in Neuroscience, McMaster University

“In this marvelous book, Susan Pinker presents a fascinating analysis of the ‘gender gap,’ introducing a continuous flow of exciting ideas and new insights into old problems and controversies.” —Ronald Melzack, E.P. Taylor Professor Emeritus in Psychology, McGill University

"The Sexual Paradox highlights some central puzzles about exceptional men and women. Why did Einstein never complete his PhD? Or Cavendish, Faraday, Darwin, and Bill Gates never complete their degrees or even drop out of university? And why do high-flying business women not behave like their male counterparts? Susan Pinker's wide-ranging look at the nature of the sexes is a highly readable and welcome contribution to this perennial debate." —PROFESSOR SIMON BARON-COHEN, Cambridge University, author of The Essential Difference

"The Sexual Paradox is a page turner ­ a fascinating account of sex differences exemplified by real life stories of fragile boys who later succeed and gifted, early-performing girls who eventually opt out of the career track, with interpretations based on current neuroscience research." —SANDRA F. WITELSON, Ph.D., Albert Einstein/Irving Zucker Chair in Neuroscience, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

“All these many years of running a business, I thought I was an anomaly. Susan Pinker’s work has grounded my intuitions in reality: a woman’s success is going to knock the spiritual stuffing right out of her if she tries to come at it from traditional angles. Instead she must invent a workplace that not only provides food for the table but gives social and emotional meaning to her life. Susan Pinker helps you understand that it’s not you that’s crazy, it’s the system.” —MARGOT FRANSSEN, social activist and co-founder of The Body Shop Canada

“To my come-hither bedside stack, I added The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women, and the Real Gender Gap, by the Canadian psychologist Susan Pinker. Using the latest neurological and biological findings of brain-imaging and sex-hormone assays, Pinker adds scientific ballast to the anecdotal truisms that women are more consensus-minded and team-oriented, and are better at reading human visual cues, interpreting feelings, and maintaining relationships and relationship networks than men.”
Sandra Tsing Loh, The Atlantic

“An eye-opening read.” —The Belfast Telegraph

“A fascinating and complex book, highly controversial.” —Prospect